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Our stories have been somewhat inextricably linked, like two lines running closely parallel, dancing up and down across each other, going their own ways for longer periods, but bound to meet again. In a faithless Irish secondary school, it was our faith that drew us together and fueled our friendship. But as we changed so did our friendship. In our last year of school we started drifting apart from each other and speaking less. Then I moved abroad and suddenly, we hadn’t spoken in three years.

People come and go
And I’m at peace
With this ebb and flow
Cause deep down
I’ve come to know
It emboldens us
To rise and grow

I always was a big fan of this girl though so when we reconnected years later, I invited her to volunteer with me at an event for refugees in Amsterdam. I asked her on the off chance that it would work, not really expecting a “yes” but fast forward three weeks later and we were walking through Dublin airport on our way to Amsterdam, catching up on years of each other’s life events.

And eventful is an insufficient word to describe Elizabeth's life. See when she was in secondary school, her and her family experienced homelessness. On top of this they had also been fighting for years to get visa permission for her father in Nigeria to live in Ireland with them. This girl had every reason to give up, she had every reason to sit back passively and become a victim to her circumstances. But she refused to back down and showed up to school early every single day. She worked hard every single day. She was consistent and committed to being a student every single day. Only to go home at night and huddle together with her family on their hotel room’s floor and pray for a change in their situation.

And a change in situation is exactly what she got.

Her prayer & hard work led her to studying politics, International Relations and Social Justice.

Then to getting a job with Medicins sans frontières.

Then, one thing led to another and said TED talk to hit 1 million views on youtube.

Elizabeth has always been very brave, brave in the sense that she speaks her mind and doesn't compromise the truth to appease the people around her. Her voice is a powerful one, filled with gratitude and mellowed by wisdom. Hers is the kind of voice that sparks conversation, stirs controversy and promotes change. It's a voice that is needed in this world.

She is also a rare young person who left social media 3 years ago and never looked back. It's fascinating how she's still been able to share her story on different platforms and I post this here to share it more.

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Membro desconhecido
17 de jul. de 2023

She is gorgeous !!! And what a beautiful storie.❤️

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