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means "honey"

And that is what she is.

She is sweetness & solidity

embodied in a woman.

She's a breath of fresh air

In sticky summer heat.

She's a passionate and persistent one

Who regularly throws caution to the wind

For the sake of freedom.

She laughs without fear of any mountain

That could come her way

For she is a climber

A mountain climber

Climbing higher & higher,

She's a girl on fire.

She's a swiss midwife who loves the mountains and painting. She's a unique gem in every space that she walks into. She's a confident woman and a loyal friend. I asked her who has shaped her, curious as to what kind of environments cultivate such character.

“There’s been so many people who have influenced and shaped me ... spending this weekend in my grandparent's hut makes me think of my Grandad who died three years ago. He was such a kind, grateful and loving man. And I always spent one week in spring with my grandparents. It was their love that really shaped me”

Melina is someone who's evidently been shaped by love. She spoke of her family and how they taught her gratitude, how to be grateful for everything and how to always share, in awareness of how much they have.

Melina is a loyal and quality friend. I can see through how she treats me and other friends that friendship is something that she really values. So I asked her, “what is friendship to you?”;

“Oh I love this question because I love friendships”

She started out by saying that she has about six people who she would consider “best friends” and what she loves about them is that each friendship looks so different from the others. She loves the individuality of each friendship. This also attests to how she is someone that allows people to be themselves. She is confident in who she is which gives the people around her the space and freedom to simply be themselves.

“Friendship is sharing, sharing your time, your thoughts, your ideas. This dynamic is constantly changing, which can be hard, but it also means that there can always be deeper connection or a deeper level to the friendship. Friendship is the balance between having a lot of fun and also a lot of depth. I love the honesty in friendships, to really be yourself. To be seen, understood and known. Like you cannot understand everything but you can see a person, see what they are going through and listen to what their ideas and thoughts are. You can try to understand or understand in some way. I think that is what brings a connection and friendship.”

"I love the honesty in friendships, to really be yourself. To be seen, understood and known"

And lastly,

Melina on creativity:

“Creativity is one of my favourite parts of life... I paint, cook, decorate, go on adventures, write poetry and I think it's all connected to creativity and having ideas... For years I've been filling a sketchbook with collages. Drawings, paintings and words. Creativity is listening. Opening your eyes and ears to what already exists. It’s a process. It’s a journey. It's being vulnerable with yourself. And I think that is often the hardest thing, to create and not produce. To do it for the experience and the feeling that comes with creating - not the outcome”

She talked about how when she first painted one of her favourite paintings that now hangs in her room, she hated it. She left it in a corner and despised it for three months. Then one sunny day she took it out again, into the garden and finished the painting. Now she loves it. And she thinks that sometimes you just have to leave things in the corner and give creativity and creating some time. Sometimes you have to give it some distance then come back to it with new perspective.

“We are all creative. We are creating a life.”



Aug 03, 2023

“Creativity is listening. Opening your eyes and ears to what already exists” That is beautiful.


Jul 27, 2023

love the concept of this work so much!!! highlights women in such a wonderful way and the articles are written so beautifully (with amazing photography) <3333

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